Type: convection oven

Capacity: Available in 4, 5 and 10 trays

Assets: Efficiency, energy savings and multi-use

6 available tray sizes: 40x60, 60x40, 40x80, 46x66, 66x46, 46x80 cm

(15,7x23,6 –23,6x15,7 –15,7x31,5 –18,1x25,9 –25,9x18,1 –18,1x31,5 inches)



« Two simple ideas: preserving our historical French savoir-faire while introducing innovations for our customers »


Eurofours® is manufacturing electrical or gas convection ovens which can meet your new requirements. Our convection ovens thus combine guaranteed quality and proven efficiency. They permit you to achieve the perfect baking for your products whatever is being baked. The multi-use capacity becoming a main choice criterion, our ovens are able to respond at a full range of products, be they sweet pastries or specific breads.

Esthetically speaking, the front design of the oven can be customized with the colors of your choice.




  • Very fast rise in temperature
  • Robust and reliable
  • Equal baking
  • Easy cleaning
  • Controlled consumption
  • available trays sizes : 40x60, 60x40, 40x80, 46x66, 66x46, 46x80
  • Customizable font panels




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