Eurofours’ Pierre Elec, which appeared during the 2012 Europain, combines traditional stone and efficient innovation.



This deck oven succeeded in gathering energy-saving, ergonomic, ecology, efficiency, esthetic and guaranteed-quality for them to become your own advantages. Its tactile and intuitive control “e-vidence” is now well known for its simplicity and the multiple possibilities it provides. While innovative in many respects, our products guarantee both freshness and regularity. It takes less than one minute for the tipper window pane system to clean the windows without dismantling them. The doors’ handle insure an automatic closing process of the suctions without hurting the windows as soon as the oven loader is passing.

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  • Independent control for each floor

  • Independent steam device for each floor

  • Halogen light control for each floor

  • Programming clock for deferred heating

  • Hermetically sealed elements

  • Easy window cleaning without dismantling them

  • Triple layer insulation with stone wool

  • Stainless steel front