Name: CF80

Type: fixed rack convection oven

Capacity: 16 trays (80 baguettes)

Formats: 400x600, 400x800, 460x660, 460x800 cm

15,7x23,6 – 157,5x314,9 – 181,1x259,8 – 181,1x314,9 inches

Energy: electricity, gas or fuel

Bakery version/ Pastries version

Assets: Space saving, maximum performance, satisfaction guaranteed



The CF80 is one of the most compact ovens in the market. This oven can be separated and received into 2 or 3 parts. It adapts itself to your laboratory and makes its installation easier- especially in cramped bakery production areas.


The CF80 promises a range of benefits, including energy saving, high-quality material, very fast rise in temperature, easy maintenance, intuitive and ergonomic control, profitable baking as well as certified quality.



  • Door closure and locking by 2 electro magnets
  • Ready to cook all types of product
  • Ventilated double glazing
  • Easy delivery and installation in laboratories
  • Power requirement 20% lower than a rotary oven
  • 2 hours to install
  • Intuitive and ergonomic control