Discover the new generation of Eurofours® deep freezers.


Perpetuating the Pierre-Pont® expertise, our deep freezers are equipped with an insulated enclosure made up of panels of 100mm (equivalent 3,937 inches).

Their specific regulations permit you to control the negative temperatures of deep freeze and conservation.

Their patented system, in charge of controlling the flows, avoids frost sediments on products when the doors are frequently opened, or at least opened for a long time.

The shutter system controlled by servomotor permits to isolate perfectly the products being frozen from those being in the preserving compartments (ISOCHOC patented system).




  • Remotely refrigerating unit
  • Quiet refrigerating unit
  • Bodywork
  • Tropicalized: possibility to make it suitable for exotic countries’ atmosphere



  • Isolates the products to be frozen
  • Keeps the products to storage temperature,
      without any frost
  • Reversed ventilation to avoid any drying up


  • Regulating system for defrosting
      according to working hours
  • Alarm revealing any potential failure
      to make maintenance easier
  • Automatic control system in case of dysfunction


  • Compensates the frost caused by door opening
  • Hygrometry control which permits to control humidity
      inside the device (no drying up)
  • Prevents the evaporator from icing


  • Appropriate for fast deep-freezing in bakery and pastry
  • High technology conception: safe and quiet
  • Integrated electrical cabinet
  • Premium security mechanism