Best result taste, better preservation of bread. Nice texture. Labour flexibility and time saving: the kneading is done the day before cooking the lendemain.La cooking can be done by store personnel in the day as needed. Customer satisfaction: cooking staggered throughout the day and fresh bread available at any time. Pulp storage up to 48 h.


Our panel gives the best results with pasta flour Tradition (about + 5% moisture), baguettes and specialty breads. Good results are also obtained with white flour going up 1 or 2% moisture. No need for additives. Ability to employ or not leaven. Among the various manufacturing techniques deferred the technical score delayed is most suitable for the manufacture of traditional products. This technique is to put the dough out of trouble in containers and stored at 5 ° C. The bins will be released as and when required before dividing, shaping and placing in the oven.



  • Remote compressor


  • Group tropicalized
  • Positive cold 5 ° c
  • 16 trays 400x600 8 floors
  • Small footprint
  • 600 x 400 - 530 x 400 - GN1/1
  • Clearance between floors: 200 mm
  • Electrical power: 1160 W
  • Power-icing: 650 W
  • Cooling Group: 1006 W